Why It is More Advantageous to Use Cryovac Bags?

Utilizing a custom designed cryovac bag is an efficient and easy way to pack a manifold of products. Vacuum packaging is a popular and practical way to preserve food items, hence it is utilized for both commercial and residential use.

Why It is More Advantageous to Use Cryovac Bags?

From the technical perspective, vacuum sealing and packing is a type of modified atmosphere packaging or MAP. This involves whatever form of packaging the product in relation to its surrounding atmosphere and is modified from the outer atmosphere.  

Cryovac Bags Packaging Requirements

Vacuum packing machines may vary in requirements and price. Often this is in relation to production levels that the machine itself sizes. Identifying first the anticipated production levels, including product sizes before making a purchase for this type of machine, will help save you from frustration and unmet expectation down the road.

Gas flush is also another thing to look into. The purpose of which is to inject an inert gas into your product packaging. This will significantly help in increasing your product’s expected shelf life.

After you identify the proper sealer to have, the next thing you need to look into would be the vacuum bags to have. They usually come in various sizes, and may also present you with a manifold of options. Identifying the right kind of vacuum packing material to use for each of your product offerings will help ensure that you have no less than a professional yet sleek product packaging.

Additional required items (depends on the machine you chose)

  • External compressors often required in commercial grade vacuum sealing machines.
  • External tanks are needed when you are utilizing gas flush systems.

These days, you can start commercial vacuum sealing with an initial investment valued at $2500 to $4000. With these figures, you can anticipate accommodating about 300 product packages every hour.  

Why should you vacuum seal your perishable products (food items, mostly)? Here are some of the benefits that your company should take advantage of.

Benefits of Cryovac Sealing Machines

Increased Shelf Life

Experiments show that vacuum packing and sealing perishable products, mostly food items, can dramatically improve their expected shelf life from about 50% – 400%. If you want to some increase your product’s expected shelf life, the single most important thing to remember is the ideal atmosphere in the packaging for the item or merchandise being packaged. For this, you may need to either introduce an inert gas or lower the concentration of oxygen to its ideal levels.

Ideally, vacuum sealing and packing is utilized and the most preferred form of packaging for items that are intended for extended freezer storage.

Eliminates the Use of Chemical Preservatives

The use of cryovac bags on perishable products will help take away the need for chemical preservatives just to extend their expected shelf life. With the right combination of inert gas to oxygen, perishable goods will last longer naturally sans the use of preservatives.

For your awareness, our atmosphere is comprised mostly of nitrogen which is 78%. This is, by far, the most abundant inert gas that is utilized for vacuum packing and sealing.   

Seals in the Natural Flavors and Juices of Your Food Items

One popular approach to curing meat used by many peoples around the world is wet aging it. This is usually done first before the meat is prepared for cooking and eventual consumption as part of a meal.  It is a process that involves the use of meat’s natural juices. They are combined with select spices and vacuum seals them so as to ensure that flavors are locked in during the process of flavor curing it.  

There is no doubt that you can indeed vacuum seal your business’ perishable product offerings by the hundreds, or even by the thousands. For as long as you have the right materials and machine to use for this purpose,  you can beat the odds and achieve your goal.

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