Drip Trays: The Different Types and What They Can Do

Working with hazardous chemicals, oils, fuels, and other substances mean that there is always a possibility for leaks and spills. This needs to be prevented as it can lead to potential accidents. This is when drip trays are highly recommended. These are specifically designed to contain any spillage to ensure safety in the workplace. These come in individual units or can be bought in packs, depending on your needs. Moreover, they come in various types for to contain different types of spillage.


Plastic Drip Tray

This type is made from heavy duty polyethylene and are considered to be useful in different situations. Many organizations and agencies make use of this in case of emergencies in the workplace.

This is best used in a company that is suffering from leaking roofs and pipes because this is a simple but effective way to contain leak. Being able to prevent leak is very important as the liquid that drips through may soak through the floor. Containing it will prevent potential damage to the workplace and removes any slipping hazard.

This is also helpful in monitoring industries, particularly in garages and workshops. Brake fluid, oil, and water changes can be a messy job. This is why such drip tray is often used by mechanics in order to prevent these liquids from spilling over. This will not only prevent the possible damage in the premises but it will also make the procedure so much simple.



This is a rubberized version of plastic drip tray. Aside from being scratch-resistant, it can be stood on or driven over before returning it to its original form. This is what makes it suitable to be used in a busy workplace with limited space like a warehouse or workshop as it’s easy to move it around.


Shallow Flexi-Tray

This comes in three different sizes and is ideal to be used by mechanics or service engineers. This can be used as a work mat or spill kit tray. It is also very comfortable to work on and can be lined up with absorbent socks and pads to increase its ability to prevent spillage.

This also comes with dispensing grids which is very useful in case of refueling or transferring fuel, oil, and other types of hazardous liquid. This is best used in workshops, farms, and industrial the dispensing grid protects cans and other items from spillage damage.


Deep Flexi Tray

If you are working with a heavy machinery then this is for you. This is twice as high as the shallow alternative which makes it capable of containing larger amounts of leaks and spills. It is flexible yet tough and can easily fit underneath a machine to catch any inevitable leaks and spills. The variants for this tray are resistant to the food stuffs, detergents, coffee, etc. They are also resistant to alcohol, weak acids, weak base, propene, propane, and butane.

As drip trays come in different types to serve specific purposes, you can easily find one that will be best for the kind of work you are dealing with.