Pendant Lights: Choosing the Best Ones

In the recent years, pendant lights have become so popularity among homeowners, especially those who appreciate the clean look and unique style of these types of lights. They are usually used in homes that has open floor plans and in spaces like dining room, kitchen, and game room. If you happen to have a bar or a billiards table, using this light is the best choice to illuminate the space.

Pendant light fixtures come in a very wide range of style, design, types, and finishes. Some of these lights might work on their own, but some would work great when hanged side by side to illuminate the area. If you want to but this light for a specific space in your home, below are some thing you need to know that will help you choose the best and right one for you.


The Different Types

Pendants lights hang from the ceiling often from a chain or cord. It is easy to find them in different styles, shapes, and types. Here are some of them that you can choose from.


Multi-light Pendants

This one includes several lights. If you want a pendant light that can do more work in terms of lighting a bigger space, you use multiple lights in one unit. This will help you pull if off. You can see multi-light pendants that come with 2-3 lights. There are also some fixtures that are higher in number reaching up to ten.


Mini Pendants

These lights are small and they do not take up so much space. Buyers would often purchase several mini pendants and hang them alongside one another. Sometimes, they would put one up in a specific spot that needs a bit of extra lighting like the sink, desk, or kitchen island.


Bowl and Inverted Pendants

These types have a bowl shape design that either pints up or down. If it is pointing up, the pendant the pendant becomes inverted. When it is pointing down, it can be used as focused task light. The inverted ones usually serve as accent of ambient lighting.


Globe Pendants

These have a shade that encompasses the bulb. This is great at sending out light in different directions adding more of ambient light to the living space. This type is best used in the living room or foyer.


Drum Pendants

These have a shade around its light bulb in a drum shape. These are popular and are best for adding ambient lighting to an area. Its drum shade comes in different materials such as metal, fabric, glass, and even crystal. Moreover, the drum shade may include an additional design element to enhance the style of pendant light.

With so many options to choose from, adding beauty and illumination to your space is so possible. Make sure that you choose one from the top lighting store that will be most functional for you.