Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

Sonic Drill Rig Manufacturers

If you will ask sonic drill rig manufacturers anything about sonic drilling to help you understand this process and the underlying principles behind it, they will often tell you that it is a powerful penetration technique to dig into the earth. One of its highlight features is that it comes with a strong reduction of friction, which is actually a normal occurrence between the drill string and the drill bit which is brought about by liquefaction, inertia effects and the reduction of porosity of the soil. All these elements together, and you can dig deep into all types of ground soil.

The Mechanics of Sonic Drilling

By engaging the sonic drill head, you are bringing the entire drill string to a vibration frequency that is reaching up to 150 Hz. This will render the drill bit and string to lose hold of its structure. With this process, the friction between the soil and the drill is lessened, but not completely taken away, and becomes fluid and can be flushed or washed off with greater ease.

The drill bit and its vibrations will cause the soil to lose hold of its structure, changing in the process its porosity and density. This will render the cuttings and the soil to move and occupy the sample barrel and then go up the drill string, helping in a way the tooling advance freely.

The effects of inertia and liquefaction enable you to collect continuous and long samples.

The vertical movement of the drill string remains extremely straight and with very minimal deflection.

Less Power Translates Into Fewer Problems

Due to the lowered amount of friction on the drill string length, the sonic drilling now requires less power in order for it to obtain the same effect as that of conventional drilling. This is one unique characteristic of sonic drilling and it is helpful in keeping torsional forces to occur on the drill string.

Another sonic drilling advantage is the seamless retrieval of the drill string, even in the midst of boulders or quick expanding clays, or any other similarly difficult conditions that are a usual scenario in a drilling project. All casings, toolings and drilling rods are pulled easier and faster.

Sonic Drilling Equals Sonic Drilling

In some situations,  you want to veer away from the use of drilling mud, water, or even air while drilling process is in the works. Engaging a sonic drilling project will not necessarily mean to say that you will require air or drilling mud when carrying out a drilling job. This explains the reason why sonic drilling is the method of choice for geo-construction, geotechnical, and environmental applications.

Like for instance, it is not very difficult for environmental projects to realize their goals for significant cost savings, but because they will use the sonic drilling method it becomes highly attainable and actionable.

Where traditional drilling methods persistently struggles when trying to obtain a continuous core sample from incoherent soil/ground formations. Sonic drilling is highly reputed for its ability to excel when it comes to boring and penetrating through mixed, soft, hard as well as many other types of overburdens.  

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Gas Bottle Storage Cage: Tips in Finding A Quality One

A gas bottle storage cage is a must when it comes to keeping the accessories safe, especially those that has the potential to explode or the ones that are critical to the safety of the entire facility. If you belong in a workplace that involves securing some very important things, you should be aware that there are some things that you need to always remember so you can achieve quality results.

In every workplace, whether it’s small or massive, health and safety is and should be the top priority. Securing the safety of the people is definitely a must. This can be done in various ways. For one, you can make sure that the chemicals in the workplace are properly kept in their right storage. Here are some tips on how you can achieve best results in doing so.


Finding the Right Gas Storage Cage

Requirements to Consider

A gas bottle storage cage may come in different types and each one has its own specific application. There are also different sizes to choose from so it’s easy for you to know right away- if it can safely keep all the gas bottles in your workplace.

There are some types of gas bottles cages that come with accessories that are engineered to provide higher security and convenience. For instance, you can find some storage cages in the market with compartments and can padlocked so they are protected against thieves. Such types are usually used in facilities that need to store their gas bottles outside of the premises. Additionally, some storage come with metal plates. This allows them to be conveniently transported from one site to the other.

Given all the differences, it is vital that you are the right knowledge on what type do you need. In order to do this, you have to look at your budget, security goals, scope of need or the demands you need to meet, as well as the operational conditions in your workplace.


Work with a Reputable Source

As soon as you have determined the requirements you need, the next thing for you to do is to look for a reputable source that will take care of your investment. Your storage cage should be manufactured according to the set industry standards. Also, it should follow all the regulations and technicalities that the government have designed.

Moreover, you should do your research and make sure that you are familiar with the important terms that govern your purchase. This means that you need to understand the warranty of the product so you would be able to measure the quality of support provided by the company. Make sure that you ask the supplier in case you don’t understand something about the product.

If aside from a storage cage you need other safety accessories, it would be best if you can purchase them from the same source. Aside from the convenience that you will be getting, this will also ensure that all products have the same quality so you can be confident in every purchase you make.