Waterjet Cutting Machine: Its Benefits for Aluminum and Stainless Steel

The use of a waterjet cutting machine has long been around. In the past, it was used to cut lumber from large trees and since that time, it has greatly improved. As a result, it has become a highly-effective method to cut almost any type of flat materials like aluminum and stainless steel.

A waterjet machine makes use of a high-pressure stream of water when cutting or cleaning materials. This cutter is usually connected to a high-pressure pump of water. The water is being ejected from the nozzle and this cuts through the material with high speed water. Additives that are in the form of abrasives are present to help with the said process.

Below are some of the known benefits of using a waterjet machine for aluminum and stainless-steel sheets.

The Power of the Machine

At first, you may not expect that water will be a great and powerful cutting tool. A waterjet cutting machine has the ability to cut through as much as a 10-inch aluminum plate or 8-inch stainless steel.


No Heat

Since it became more known, waterjet cutting has become the more preferred method for the kind of materials that are sensitive to a high temperature that are usually generated when making use of other methods. Since there will be no heat-affected zone, the effects of heat will be minimized which then allows metals to be cut without damaging or altering the surface of the material that is being cut.


High Precision

Waterjets are one of the most precise cutting tools due to the fact that they care capable of achieving an accuracy of 0.13mm and repeatability of 0.03mm. Using a waterjet for aluminum and steel provides precision and a burr-free finish. This also helps eliminate the need for any secondary surface finishing, which then equates to saving more money.



The use of a waterjet for cutting projects would mean that this can be done in an efficient and fast way. There are different reasons for this.

  •         Shorter setup time
  •         Faster cutting methods
  •         Re-cutting is minimized due to its precision


Environmentally Sound

A waterjet is considered as a green technology. For one, this is due to the fact there no hazardous waste is produced in the cutting process. Next, since it can cut off re-usable scrap materials, it prevents unnecessary waste that may happen when using a traditional cutting method. This amount will be dependent on the cutting head orifice size. The water can even be recycled with the use of a closed-looped system. The wastewater is also clean enough to filter and dispose of.


Safe Work Environment

With a waterjet, smoke, airborne dust particles, and contaminants are eliminated from cutting materials. This improves the work environment and even reduces problems that arise from the operator’s exposure.

If you need to cut aluminum or steel and you are looking for the right machine to do the job, then a waterjet will be a great choice to consider.

Choosing the Right CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale

There are several factors to consider when buying a CNC plasma cutter for sale. Some of them would include reliability, cut capacity, ease of use, cut quality, and operating cost. The very first step is to know the type of plasma cutting do you intend to do. Do you plan to cut by hand or with the use of a table? There are some plasma cutting tools that can do both things, from handheld to mechanized cutting, then back again. On the other hand, there are some systems that include a CNC interface, as well as an internal voltage divider which offer more options for mechanized applications.


Plasma Cutting Job

As soon as you get to know the kind of plasma cutting that you have to do, the next thing you should consider will be the thickness of the material that you intend to cut. In this case, the general rule is to select a system that has a recommended cut capacity that will match the thickness of the material that you will be cutting 18 percent of the time. For instance, if you plan to cut a ½ inch thick metal and will only cut metals that are a bit thicker on an occasional basis, then you opt to have a ½ inch system.


Cut Quality

This is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a CNC plasma cutter for sale. It will not only impact the quality of the finished piece but will also save time, especially in the later stages of production. Typically, you would prefer a smooth and clean edge so you won’t have to spend so much time on secondary works. Aside from clean and smooth cuts, plasma cutting systems can create a narrower kerf. This means that the cuts will be more precise and there will be lesser wasted metal.



Reliability is another factor that you need to consider. Generally, one of the most reliable plasma cutting systems are the ones that are engineered with lesser parts, make use of a software instead of hardware, and are manufactured to ISO standards. You also need to consider a centralized fan configuration to bring in some cool air through the center of the system.


Size and Weight

If there is a need for you to move around and do a lot of work away from the workshop, the size and weight should be a big part of your decision. Advances in engineering means that you can acquire a lightweight system without sacrificing performance and power. There are some systems that can be adjusted automatically for voltage variations and this is very helpful if you plan to work off a generator.


Operating Cost

Lastly, the cost is a factor that should not be missed. Cut speed, performance, and cut quality play an important role, but so does plasma consumable cost. The plasma consumable life may vary from one brand to another. Having a longer plasma consumable life is a lot more important as it helps reduce downtime for changeouts and it even lowers the cost for new plasma consumables.